If you the love the idea of a special place in your garden, but the dream is just a vision in your imagination…

Let Land Girls Garden Design of Coventry, make that vision a reality…

Open your mind to the possibilities…

With the help and imagination of the Land Girls RHS team, with over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, they can take their expertise into your garden and make that dream become a reality ……

Land Girls Concept Art

Use existing base and side and back slabs to create boundaries. Only the front needs railings to give the impression of an enclosed space. Two steps up at the front for ease and to give the idea of a band-stand like structure. All the structure can be painted white along with the existing base and sides (will give idea of space and size).

Roof can be made with boards (then felt) or wooden slats. Pots can be planted … flowers/trees/bushes can be added for grandeur.

Arch leading onto a platform covered in astro turf, surrounded by buxus to give a natural boundary. The astro turf will make the seating area blend with the natural slope. The arch can be square or rounded (arched).

We can see visions in your garden you never would imagine, and
turn a small insignificant area into an Oasis.

If you would like to experience the hidden wonders of your garden,
both day and night…..

Please ask for either Dawn or Cal, 

We Have Your Dreams at Heart